Apply on our website or come into our office and grab a paper copy of the application.
In order to be approved you will need:
-a credit score of 600 or above
-a clean background check (no felonies or evictions within 5 years)
-able to provide proof of income and that you can afford the rental
We have an after hours hotline that should only be used for emergencies! The phone number is:

Rent is due by the 3rd business day of every month. We also have a calendar on on the "Home" page of the website that states everyday that rent is due.

If you do not pay your rent on time, you will be charged an 8% late fee.
It depends on the property on whether or not pets are allowed. If pets are allowed, the rent will be:

Pet rent : $25 a month per pet
Pet deposit: $300 for 1 pet, $500 for 2, $800 for 3, and $1000 for 4.
We accept vouchers for one time assistance for the deposit and first months rent. We do NOT accept ongoing assistance.